To develop varieties and technologies that maximize farmers profitability, in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.
To be recognized as an innovative company and reference in the development of varieties and technologies of high performance.

Brazilian company breeding of soybeans and cotton, The Tropical Breeding & Genetics (TMG) started his story with a group of researchers and entrepreneurs who believed it would be possible to develop soybean and cotton varieties increasingly productive.

Our goal is to develop high-yielding soybean and cotton cultivars with technologies that allow growers to overcome agricultural challenges, thus providing a safer and more successful production. We are proud of being a brazilian group that truly understands our land and our people. We are also aware that Brazil has a wide range of geographies with very specific features, which drives our strategy to breed new cultivars with a regionally-oriented focus.


For the best grains and fibers to be harvested it is necessary that many people are engage in various stages of the production process, from the development of varieties to the final product in people's daily lives. And we, like you, are part of this process.

We have a technical staff made up of renowned researchers in the area, as well as a reference structure of research in the country, with a biotechnology laboratory and greenhouses that accelerate the development process of new varieties. In the field, we have a skilled market development team that takes comprehensive technical information, adapted to the reality of your region.

Together, market research and development work with agility, focused on delivering solutions to regional problems, such as weather, soil and disease conditions in each microregion, which take away the farmer's sleep. Efforts so that you have more tranquility and profitability.


An example of this is the Inox® Technology developed by TMG. This technology incorporates in the plants the genes of resistance to Asian Rust, which allows a greater coexistence with the disease in the field.

But do not stop there, we go beyond. We have created something unprecedented in the world, combining Inox® Technology and Intacta RR2 IPRO, two great technologies that help increase the productive potential of varieties and reduce production costs, providing greater farmer safety, especially in instabilities in which one cannot rely on luck.

For a long time, the farmers suffered with losses of production, due to the high population and variation of races of cyst nematodes in their crops. Knowing this, we also developed a Wide Cyst Resistance technology, which confers resistance until nine races of cyst nematodes, an excellent alternative to handling.