TMG's Inox® technology, tranquility and greater security on control of Asian Rust.

The disease resistant gene present in the Inox® varieties allows the plant greater conditions to live with a non-field disease, being an important complementary management tool. If the cultural and chemical control escape from control, an Inox® varieties is protected by the gene, providing greater tranquility and security to the farmers.

When in contact with the fungus, the leaf of the resistant plant reacts in defense producing a reddish brown lesion that does not cause damage to the plant, but avoids the sporulation and the installation of the disease.

The pictures on the side illustrate the difference in symptoms caused by rust fungus in plants with resistance gene (RB) from those without the gene (TAN).

Lesion (TAN) Susceptible
Lesion (RB) Resistant

INOX® Technology Advantages

  • Greater tranquility to start applications (sprays);
  • Increased disease in the crop at a slower rate;
  • Maintenance of the productive potential of the varietie;
  • It contributes to the reduction of the environmental imbalance.

Get to know TMG’s INOX® cultivars

Tropical Melhoramento & Genética (Tropical Improvement & Genetics), TMG, has in its portfolio a huge of soy cultivars adapted to Brazil South and Cerrado.

Despite its own genetic protection, the cultivars shows high productive potential

Three of them, TMG 7060 IPRO, TMG 7062 IPRO and TMG 7063 IPRO, have in their genetics two major differentials, the Inox® Technology, with resistance to Asian rust and Intacta RR2 PRO technology, resistant to caterpillars and glyphosate.

It’s in the field with Intacta or RR soy cultivars that the farmers prove great results from the earliest technology developed by TMG that assigns genetic resistance against soy asian rust.

TMG is The Inox® Technology patent

The United States has officially patented the screening method for the Rpp5 gene, which confers resistance to Asian soybean rust. The method facilitates the development of disease resistant of soybean varieties, which is currently one of the main problems of Brazilian soybean.

The patent for the selection method for the Rpp5 gene was granted to Tropical Breeding & Genetics - TMG (TMG), a national capital company dedicated to breeding and development of new soybean and cotton varieties. The method uses the genetic mapping to know the DNA sequence of the plant associated with the resistance gene. According to Alexandre Garcia, TMG Research Manager, the process is called selection assisted by molecular markers. "The work of discovery is difficult, time consuming, requires a lot of effort and technology," he explains.

The company, which has products launched with Inox® Technology for the Brazilian cerrado since 2008 and to the South of the Country since 2011, is waiting for the granting of more patents in other countries.

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